China's Horqin Desert and Haiti aren't the only places getting love. We're busy planting trees all over the world, on most every continent (sorry, Antarctica).

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From New York to New Zealand, Timberland teams and our partners are working hard to reforest and “re-green” places in need of trees around the world. Here are some of the diverse locations where we’re putting down roots:

  • In Argentina we’ve planted 3,500 trees to date, including the maiten tree.  South American aborigines considered the maiten to be the “tree of truth,” and believed no lies could be told under its shelter.
  • Centuries ago, Belgian tradition called for the planting of an oak tree when a baby boy was born; for baby girls, a linden tree was planted.  Team Timberland in Belgium is helping to preserve and perpetuate this sweet tree-planting tradition.  
  • In addition to planting over 18,250 trees in Germany, we’re also creating educational “Timberland Trails” that allow people to get out and enjoy trees and the forests they’re in.
  • In India, we primarily plant shade-giving indigenous varieties with deep root systems, known to have a high survival rate.  One of our most favored trees is a type of ficus tree that is only found in India, and considered to be sacred.  
  • The Italian city of Bergamo is 5,000 trees greener, thanks to the reforestation efforts of Team Timberland in Italy and our longstanding environmental partner, Legambiente.  
  • We’re planting trees in the famous pine forest in Leiria, Portugal, which is in danger of sliding into the Atlantic Ocean as the coastline falls away.
  • Our tree planting team in Russia has focused its efforts on an area outside of Moscow that was badly damaged by fires.  To date, we’ve planted 5,000 trees which are helping to restore the area’s natural beauty.
  • By reforesting sections of the El Ávila National Park in Caracas, Venezuela, Timberland is helping to provide shelter and protection for some of the nearly 2,000 plant species and more than 100 butterfly species that live there.
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