Establishing trust and relationships are important prerequisites for collaborative, reflective engagement and learning, and take time to develop.  In addition to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, please consider the following expectations when engaging with us:

  • Constructive Dialogue: We welcome the opportunity to think and share ideas with thought leaders, practitioners, stakeholders, and others. Our premise of dialogue is structured around the notion that exchange can lead to social change. We ask that comments on this site reflect a willingness to engage productively.
  • Credibility: We ask that comments reflect your individual opinions and that you do not impersonate anyone else. Please do not post content that includes false information or information that is misleading, inaccurate, fraudulent, deceptive or illegal.
  • Consideration for Other Participants: We request that participants comment in a respectful and courteous way that shows regard for other participants. Inflammatory and insulting comments are prohibited, and we request that participants do not post comments that are offensive, libelous, defamatory, indecent, harmful, harassing, intimidating, threatening, hateful, abusive, or vulgar.
  • Relevance: We ask that participants connect their thoughts to the specific topic or question posted. 
  • Examples: We welcome the opportunity for participants to share specific examples and/or approaches of other companies or organizations.
  • Challenges & Different Positions: Timberland welcomes the opportunity for participants to challenge us, themselves and/or other dialogue participants provided it is done so in an open and respectful manner. We view challenges as an opportunity to learn from others who might push or educate us.


In exchange for stakeholder participation, Timberland commits to the following:

  • Timberland will abide by the same Guidelines we ask of participants.
  • Timberland will likely not respond to every comment and/or question posed to all participants in the dialogue. We aim for the conversation to build from multiple stakeholders’ participation, and will refrain from treating the dialogue as a “Q+A” with Timberland only.
  • Timberland will act as a moderator when appropriate, to steer the conversation towards one or more ideas posed by the group and/or to ensure the Guidelines are adhered to.
  • Timberland commits to ensuring our site is not censored, but we will moderate the discussion in accordance with the Guidelines in this document.

If you have questions or concerns about this site, please contact us at